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These pictures were sent in by Julie Barcone
May 2009

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The people in the pics are as follows:

1. group - not sure who
2. Julie Barcone
3. Buzzy, Pattie Eichler, Sue
4. Buzzy
5. Lynda Clark Buzzy
6. Scott, I think can't remember last name
7. Lurch (dwayne)
8. Howie Weinstein
9. Ginger and Fred
10. Paul
11. Donde
12. Scott Hirschfield
13. Scott Weiss
14. Julie Barcone Linda Davis
15. Poco (Jimmy Sabellico)
16. Andy Gay Ronnie Lancaster
17. Richie Macaloussa Dennis
18. Andy and Joan
19. Julie Barcone
20. Ronnie L and Andy Gay
21. Andy Bear
22. Howie Crazy Mitch and forgot the other guys name
23. Richie Mac
24. Andy Joan
25. Paul Lancaster
26. Andrea Botway
27. Scott H

Hope this helps

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