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This is how the messages began!

This whole website idea is great. I enjoyed the video. Every one looks happy to be together. Thanks for the memories. That was a big, special part of my life. I believe it was when I learned to love life. Those days made me the person I am today, and you know what - "I like myself"! I wouldn't change a thing! Beach Bums will always live deep inside my heart and soul. Others just don't understand.

Debbie Red     3/5/04
My band mates Joe Satriani, Steve Muller and myself were hanging in the park one summer eve 1971 and heard a joyful sound. Guitars and singing and a lot of happy sounds. We wandered over. Whoa freaks, cool. We hung out and met some great new friends. Paul Lancaster and Peter Maher. They joined the band. We were called Tarsus, we played at the Festival of life, Middle Earth, Y.O.M., a bunch of parties, the Levittown library, and hundreds of bums would show up wherever and whenever we played. Great times.

Danny Calvagna    3/8/04
I remember a time when Tarsus wanted to be in the Festival of Life, but the organization had said it was too late. All I had to do was open up my BUM PHONE BOOK and make a few calls. The next day Tarsus got a call from the festival people stating "we never got so many calls about a band before", and that we had the audition. The best thing is finding out how many peoples lives were touched by the things we did, and still do. I've said it before and I"ll say it again - I'm proud to be a Bum!"

Paul Lancaster     3/8/04
Throwing frisbees, sitting in huge circles with the sound of guitars bouncing off the trees, lakes and grass at Eisenhower park, the beach..what is better than that?!!... I am so grateful to have the memories of sharing that with some of the best people in the world and some of the most important people in my life... people that weren't there will never understand the unconditional love and friendships that we had...it is the only part of my past that has made a real difference in my life.. THANK YOU BEACH BUMS!!!!

Donna Malech    3/11/04
In an effort to keep this from becoming a "Tarsus" message board, I will just say that although years do go by between our seeing each other due to geography and some, shall we say unavoidable commitments, I count Danny, Paul and Joe among the most important people in my life. The memories of the time I spent hanging out with the Bums are without question some of the fondest that I have. The term "age of innocence" may be one that is now extremely over used, but when referring to those days it is truly fitting, as the photos here are an undeniable testament to. Thank you, Shari, for your vision and talents with this site - you have brought back thoughts of some wonderful times.

Peter (Maher) Chelsea     3/14/04
I still remember the very first time Shari and I went down to the beach. Bruce and Uncle Scotty took us there to meet some of their friends. In fact, I owe them a great deal of gratitude. They introduced us to Paul and Ronnie Lancaster, Tommy Rackovitch, and some others. We played some frisbee, walked along the beach and having brought our guitars, sang some songs. We had no clue then how this "little" circle of friends would keep growing and become a very close family of friends. It definitely changed my life. Some of the best times I can remember were spent with these people and I will always be thankful for the Beach Bums.  :-)

Joanne (Isaacs) Lancaster    3/29/04
Thank you so much Shari for creating this wonderful gift for all of us that had the good fortune to have been a part of the Jones Beach Bums. Thank you (again) for the beautiful memorial to my sister Bonnie, and our other dear friends. It's comforting to have one place where we can 'visit' with them and remember them. Your hard work, creative talents, and professional touch will form the basis for spanning the years from those wonderful times, to the present, and into the future for us and our families. What a gift!! The beauty of this site for all of us is that it is a work in progress. Remember the thrill you felt when you first saw this site, the memories it brought back and how you couldn't wait to share it with the ones you love. Let's pass this gift to all the former Bums we possibly can and take this as far as we possibly can, and share with all of our 'old' friends the memories and the chance to fast-forward to the present with us. Remember the magical way we used to spread the word about a party? Let's do it with this website. We can all laugh at the way we (some of us) used to look and the things we used to do. This doesn't mean we are trying to be like 'that' again, or that we are living in the past, just acknowledging that we had a lot of fun back then, without trying to hurt anybody and, that we can still be friends! I'm looking forward to seeing everybody at the reunion this summer. Spread the word!

Uncle Scotty     4/7/04
Danny just sent me the link to this site, and...what a beautiful vision from our past it is! I wish I could go back in time and hang out just one more time...and jam with the guys. Brings a tear to my eye and a puts a lump in my throat...where did the time go?

Joe Satriani     4/8/04
First of all, I'm an "honorary" bum, because I married the famous Freak - Pete!!! I just want to say I'm so glad to be a bum now - it's been wonderful meeting all of the bums at the reunions - I can see why Pete has such fond memories of all of you - you're terrific!!! And when we lost our wonderful son Michael last year, I can't tell you how much it meant that so many of you sent or brought your sympathy to us - I am so sorry you never got to meet him, but I know he is happy that so many of you are friends and have helped us over the last year - you truly are special people - thank you.

Karen Ruggiero    4/11/04
Hi - been a long time missin' - just missin from the internet! But we're signed up now and hope to hear from a lot of you!!
You are truly the best people I have ever known in my life. You rescued me when I first met you and I am truly grateful to have such fine friends. I can never thank you enough for what you have done for me.
My best memory is my 25th birthday at Hirschfield's house! I did Alice's restaurant for about an hour and at the end, 25-30 of you sang happy birthday to me (Scott, Rackovich, Jimmy B, the Beechel boys, Dennis (does anyone know where Dennis Ulrich is?), Andy Gay, just to name a few).
My email address is: pkfreak425@aol.com
Forever your friend

Pete    4/11/04
Wow! Shari - You've done an awesome job with the website. Thank you so much for giving us this great gift. The old pictures are unbelievable. For the seriously "memory impaired" like me, it's great to be able to see all the old faces and relive the good times. I'll send you some pictures as soon as I can.

Thanks again and Hello to all!

Fran (Diamondstein) Schuler    5/4/04
Wow! The Mighty Bums Book has gone digital!

I take great joy in coming to this site, but reading this particular page sends warm waves of wonderful emotions through me. Every single one of you passed through my life via my basement. I think that basement was a portal to a magical universe inhabited by the sweetest and the strangest group of people I will ever meet. I swear, at any hour, day or night, there'd be a knock-knock on my basement window. It was an endless procession of people that I still hold precious to this day. Every time I use my basement these days, if I pause to listen, I can still hear the echoes of all your laughter. The magic of 6 and 12 string guitars. The harmonies of many voices singing. The bewildering conversations of soooo many illegal smiles. We all found our family of friends with each other that we did not find in our own towns and schools. This may have been the most extended family in Long Island history! The unbridled joy that was shared by this group was truly addicting. We came together en masse wherever and whenever we could! Field Four, Eisenhower, MADD, the Planting Fields, the Hirschfeld "Hilton", even to parties on a little fricking island in the middle of the bay. We found the base of support in each other to experiment (damn did we experiment!) with life and love, with music and magic, with fantasy and frisbees. You all will always be my family and are always welcome here in my Colorado basement. I dearly love you all.

And I keep my old analog Bums Book handy for whenever the server goes down.

Dave Title    5/13/04

I bumped into this site tonight on a lark of a google search. It was great to look through the pictures and reminisce. What was unexpected was looking at the messages and finding a Tarsus reunion. Only thing (besides Steve) that's missing is Ed "Do it for the Community" Liss. I'm still sorry that I lost touch with him (he ran off with a carnival..really!) Anyway, thanks for doing this Shari! Seeing many of those old faces made me smile!


Carol (formerly Ercolono) Espinoza    5/18/04



Hi everyone,

Wish I could give you all a big hug. I am the oldest member. Knowing you has always brought me great happiness. Please come to a reunion as always all are welcome.

Your Friend,

Pete the Freak    5/18/04


Keep mutating!

Harlan Sparer    6/14/04


Hi.. I'm an old friend of Danny Calvagna's. I've been trying to find him for 15-20 years, and just found this board through google. Danny, if it's really you (go Islanders, go Little Buster), then please get in touch. My # is 512-795-2225, or email me at paindoc54@msn.com.

NEAL    6/15/04


Dear Shari:
Thank you for creating this beautiful site. It is hard to describe the feelings that moved through my soul as I gazed upon all the innocent and familiar faces of my youth. From time to time I cannot help but recall some of the more wondrous moments I shared with many near and dear Bums. I was terribly saddened to hear of the death of Fred Botway. We were once sweethearts a long time ago. There are people I would love to reconnect with. I am forever grateful for the experiences I shared with everyone. We are all so fortunate to have grown up during such a unique and loving time. I am currently attending medical school (better late than never.) What a change from 1971!
Hi Mole! Hi Uncle Scotty!

Gaby    6/28/04


One of my very favorite Beach Bum memories is an early one - New Year's Eve, 1971. Howie Weinstein had a party, and just about everyone was crammed into his ranch house in East Meadow. Unfortunately Joanne was sick, so to cheer her up most of us took turns on the telephone wishing her a Happy New Year. Later on, we crowded into Howie's living room, sitting and lying all over the floor to await the new year. (Funny how these days people always stand at a party.) Then, the best part - after we finished cheering the first few moments of 1972, someone gave a little speech about how important the Beach Bums were to him. I think it was Uncle Scotty, wasn't it? Then, one by one, many of the rest of us shared similar sentiments. My heart was so full that I felt compelled to stand up and speak of how I felt, not an easy task because I was rather shy at the time (you all helped me get over that!).

It was my very first New Year's Eves spent with friends, and to this day it holds a very special place in my heart. Thank you all for being there for me when I needed you so badly.

This website was a labor of love; I may have put it together, but all of you created it.

Shari (Friedman) Fuller    9/7/04


Winky Dink, Winky Dink, OK, I know it was really an excuse to wrestle with the boys (and boy did we wrestle) and I'm not 100% sure, but I think this is how we played....What I remember is that we sat in 2 giant circles with either boys or girls on the outside. The inside circle had one empty space. The person who was "it" had to indiscreetly wink at someone w/o anyone knowing who and that person had to try to get to the empty space while the boy/girl behind them had to try to stop them. And so it goes... Not sure if that's right, but what I am sure is that I loved every day I spent at the beach and Salisbury park and HAD and Funky Times and who knows where else all those years ago. Nowadays, sometimes I go to field 4 and stand on top of the stairs and just smile...as I remember...long ago...and so far away...and I am so thankful, that fate and an amazing coincidence brought me back. :)

Ginger Bonner    9/11/04


Hi Jones Beach Bums!

I'm a friend of Ginger Labensky who lives in Memphis TN. Three years ago after losing my husband and baby grandson in a auto accident, Ginger invited me to visit her. She took me to the twin towers and many places around them. On my last Sunday with her she took me to the beach where all you guys had hung out, and this is where she found you again after so many years. We had a wonderful time that Sunday dancing to every song. When I got home, it wasn't long until 9/11.

It's 3 years to the day 9/11/2004 today. When I got home from work and checked my email, Ginger had this web sight waiting for me. I wasn't with you in the 70's, but looking at the pics and the music I felt as if I were, because I was doing the same things all of you were except in Memphis near Elvis, the king of rock and roll. This web sight is a great idea. God works in many ways. He will wind you around in many directions and then put you back in some of the same places with the ones you love the most. There are always many blessings in our lives because of how God works. God Bless all of you Jones Beach Bums, and now I want to come to one of your reunions!


Judy Smith     9/11/04

PS - I have to find out from Ginger how to play winky dink ????? lol


Well I figured it was about time I posted something so here goes. First I would like to send my LOVE to all of the JBB's as you all in some way have had a huge impact on my life. Pete who used to live with me under my elevated bed :), Thank you for being there in the good and bad times, electric as well as grounded times - I will always have a special place in my heart for you as well as the rest of the Bums. As I reflect on some of the times we spent together, who remembers the time I had the party when they were doing construction in the neighborhood and every one was playing on the cement pipes that were supposed to go into the ground, and Jimmy Sarene, I think that's how it is spelled, fell and split his head open, and came back in and didn't even know what happened, were we high or what, hehe. I also remember Howie's New Years party, as well as several others, but who remembers going to the beach in the morning and being the first swimmers of the year at Jones Beach? Those were the days that will always stand out. God parties, protests, demonstrations, peace marches, NPAC, for those who don't remember NPAC = National Peace Action Coalition, driving to Washington DC with Paul and Ronnie, Oh god what fun we had! Summer was Party Time and we all had some, didn't we? Party @ Jungle Jims house, Jeff Kjelgrins, My House AKA The Hirschfield Hilton, Dave Title's Basement, Uncle Scotty's, god there were so many I can't remember them all. There were just so many great, Great times, Funky Times and who remembers the name of the bar across the street? Memories just flood into my head so massive that I just sit here in amazement, giggling to myself and sometimes laugh out loud. My kids are like, what's so funny Dad? And how do you explain, to a child, the life we had together when there is so much hate and death in there world as opposed to the Love in ours. God I am getting teary eyed thinking about it. How can we turn back time? One Bum will figure that out I HOPE!! Oh what a glorious day that will be. In Closing I would like to say there are so many memories that I hold dear to my heart and so many people that I also hold dear to my heart, I just want to say I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

Peace, Love and Happiness to all

Scott Hirschfield    9/16/04

Wow - My sister Irene called me today to tell me about the article in Newsday & the website. Those pictures brought back a flood of memories and who is where now questions. Hopefully, the article (which I have not yet seen) will have some others get in contact.

Besides the parties at the Hirschfelds...his mother was always home, so I wasn't lying to my folks... the parties at various homes in Plainview, many first crushes to singing at the beach, riding our bikes from Wantagh to Salisbury Park, to first hearing the song "Lean On Me" which was playing on a radio at the beach the day we heard that John O died and the first time I saw teenage boys cry.

A lot of learning and lot of growing up and lot of good memories. I was never a Girl Scout or a Camp Fire Girl, but I am proud to say I was a Beach Bum.

I made only the first reunion, but now that I know about the annual reunion, I will be there next summer.

This site is wonderful & thank you for making it. Now I am off to see what pictures that I have from then.

Randi Crovets    9/19/04

Hey all; I just read the article in newsday on Sunday 9/19/04. It was great to see the old crowd is still out there somewhere. I miss you guys so much, we really had something special. Hi To Pete, Shari, Dave, Uncle Scotty, Scott H, and everyone else. My E-Mail is nyniceguy01@hotmail.com or andymg52@yahoo.com. PINK SLIP BUSH (LOL)

Andy (the Mauler) Gay.  Love ya all.    9/20/04

Hey peeps, Andy G here again, I forgot to say "Great Job Shari". See you
all soon. Peace
Hello all, Starting Oct. 3rd I will be doing some extensive traveling and would really appreciate it if someone could let me know the where abouts of Ed Liss, my cel # is 631-455-2921 or email me at peter@bythebaymedia.com. Thanks.

Peter Chelsea AKA Maher    9/20/04
Looking at all the pics of the beach and the park, seeing all the old gang brings alot of memories, all good, and some bittersweet. We had some great times back then, before the world caught up with us. I often wonder what would have happened if I hadn't gone to the beach that day in 1971. I was hanging with some pretty nasty people then. You guys gave me a chance to see that there was good in the world. And that people did care about who I was. Thanks for being there for me. And letting me be there for you. "one love, one heart, lets get together and we'll be all right"


Andy    9/24/04

Wow! What a blast from the past. My friend, Arleen, called me to tell me to check out this website. Great to see people from the old alma mater (Plainview High) and reminisce about Jones Beach and Salisbury Park. The odd thing is WE practically LIVED at Jones Beach that whole summer of '71, with a whole different crowd, (Field 4 of course!), but we don't ever remember running into you guys (Joanne and Shari). You obviously did a much better job of keeping up with each other. That's great. I only live about 2 1/2 hrs away from Jones beach, and we still get down there and take the kids every so often. Maybe we'll see you there at one of your reunions. I'd love to hear from anyone else from the old days that runs across this website.

Your old classmate,

Victoria (Wragge) Rolfe    10/20/04


I too was told about this site by Arleen last night, unfortunately my computer is messed up and I had to wait to borrow my son's when he got home from college tonight!! I enjoyed looking through all the pictures posted here and seeing some of the people we were friends with, Donna, Joanne, Amy, Debbie, etc. way back when!!! Like Vicki said, we too lived at Jones Beach and Salisbury Park, I can remember hanging with some of the crowd. Arleen and I went to some of the parties too, but not sure who's they were. But what I can recall, was anytime we did hang with you we had a great time!! As the song goes, those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end!! If only that were true!! I still live here on Long Island, and I still go to Jones Beach a lot. I wonder if the bike path was there when we were heading there would we have ever hitched!! Something you rarely see today. Not the same world it use to be. Would love to hear from some of you, if the reunion is on for this coming year maybe I will too happen by!!! Great job on getting this site together.

Patty (Schneider) Collins    10/20/04


Hi everyone. This is Lois Teer (now Lois Teer-Lowery). Don't know if any of you remember me. I used to come to the beach and park with Maureen Dugan, Joanne Harris, Sue Algore, Diane and Ellen Gillen, and probably more people I'm forgetting about. Yeah, I'm the one with the "stutter" (this is the best trait anyone will probably remember me for) !!! I can't believe I found out about this website. I attended the 1991 reunion. The one with the Chicago tank top on in one of the pictures. Maureen Dugan is now Maureen Brand living in Oyster Bay with husband Jim and 13 year old daughter Sarah. Diane Gillen is now Diane Gillen-Philp living in Orlando with husband Russ. Joanne Harris is now Joanne Bentson living in East Meadow with husband Jim and 13 year old daughter Krista. I've lost track of Sue Algore. Ellen Gillen is Ellen Fortner now living (and just moved) in Orlando with husband Walter. They have 5 kids, 1 married, and a granddaughter on the way. As for me. I'm living in Hollywood, Florida with my husband of 5 years, Bob, and a cocketiel, blue head pionus parrot, a sun conure parrot, and a 5 year old female rottie named Rosie. We have no children together, but Bob has two daughters, 4 grandchildren . . . which I guess makes me a grandmother by proxy! Shari, thanks so much for the website. It has brought back SO MANY MEMORIES. My e-mail address is llowery@bellsouth.net. Again, thank you and miss YOU ALL !

Lois Teer    11/1/04


Hello to all of Tommy's friends and loved ones: I'm so sorry to hear of Tommy's passing. Please accept my most heartfelt condolences. I regret that I will be unable to attend Tommy's memorial service, as I am currently in Medical School and have exams on that day.

Love and Peace,

Gabrielle    11/6/04


Dear Beach Bums,

I am Tom's older sister Daria.....I cannot tell you how much it meant to me and my family to have the availability of this web site over this very sad weekend. Tommy was loved so much by you all and it was so wonderful for my parents to have his friends there yesterday. Thank you for the obit......I know he was proud to be in the company of you all and I know that you will all keep him in your hearts. Please don't forget my parents.......they can be reached at this address:

Harriet and Gene Rackovtich
68555 Route 48
Greenpost, NY 11944

Thanks again.........

Dari Kowal   dkowal1279@juno.com    11/9/04


Hi, this is Kim Worko (AKA:Kim Rackovitch). Just wanted to say thanks to all who came to say goodbye to my brother Tommy. You guys were his greatest joy and comfort. As soon as he headed out the door on those summer mornings, we knew he was heading out to his second home. This website is beautiful. Pictures of Tommy and Dave Vanderhall (in beach and party category) are really wonderful!

Thank You -

Kim     11/10/04


I cried this morning when I checked our website and learned of the passing of my old friend, Tommy Rackovitch. Though it's been a long time since we last saw each other, I have such warm memories of the many experiences we shared. On a cold day in early 1971, at Jones Beach; Bruce Bandler and I met Paul & Ronnie Lancaster and Tommy Rackovitch: the coming together of Uniondale & Plainview and the beginning of the Jones Beach Bums. This chance encounter was the beginning of such an important and influential time in so many of our lives. Tommy was a limitless source of excitement, passion for living, and enthusiasm and was always one of the most popular Bums. He introduced us to all his friends including the Vanderhals. Tommy loved the Beach Bums, and we all loved him. In June '72, Tommy and I hitchhiked all the way out to the Colorado Rockies together. (Mr. & Mrs. Rackovitch intrusted me to monitor his medicine and I was so grateful to them for their blessing for our trip) We camped in the mountains (and ran into Scotty Weiss) with hundreds of hippies from the Rainbow Family Of Living Light, who still exist today. There were other adventures we shared as fellow Montreal Maniacs. Tommy was one of the most sincere, trustworthy, decent people I have ever met, and I will never forget him. My condolences to his parents and family. May he rest in peace.

Uncle Scotty Roth    11/12/04

Shari, thank you again, so much, for this website. Let's ALL continue to reach out to our old friends to help make as many as possible aware of it.


Hey everyone, I just signed on and heard about Tommy, I can't believe he's gone. Remember Tune-In, what a great person he was. My condolences to his family. The next reunion won't be the same. Remember when you look up next time, to say hello to all our departed friends.

Peace, Andy     11/17/04


I was so saddened to hear about Tommy. He was like my brother - we fought and hugged. He made me laugh when we were together, and we told each other everything. I always knew he had my back. To those who knew him, they truly saw his spirit and his courage.

Be at Peace, Tommy.

Pete the Freak     11/17/04


This is Donna (Keenan) Rackovitch...Tom's Oldest sister.. I wish to convey my heartfelt thanks for all the wonderful cards and letters from all of u who knew my brother Tom. He will surely be missed...but knowing he had all of u wonderful people in his life and to have met some of u makes a whole world of differences. This web site brought tears of happiness to know he was a member of this wonderful group of people. If ever u visit Greenport Long island, please stop in his parents store and let them know that u were a friend!!! Store is - Silver Linings...423 Main street...Greenport... NY...11944...

Once again..Thank You for being u...

Donna (Keenan) Rackovitch    11/19/04


The youngest of six kids in the Rackovitch family. I was lucky enough to follow Tommy in JR. high and HS. Not a hard act to follow???? Yea right. He was my big brother and I was his little sister. He teased the heck outta me, but I always said "man he's good looking, if he weren't my brother"! Smile. You all brought us back to happier days that Tommy had. He loved all of you as he loved his family. And yea, Tommy always had ur back! Big hugs to each and everyone of you!

Judi Rackovitch    11/21/04


It has taken me some time to write this because I didn't know what to say. I still don't. I have known Tommy most of my life and I loved him as a brother. Tommy and I went to school and hung out together. Tommy and I helped form the Bums together. We had a lot of great times and sad times together. Tommy was a good friend and I will miss him greatly. There will be an empty place in my heart without him.

My condolences to his family.

P.S. It's just a shame that all the good people leave us too soon.

Ronnie Lancaster    11/24/04


Just found out about this site from Pete Maher. Glad to hear that everyone is still getting together. I'm living in Arizona, working on live shows, films, and commercials. No kids, but have had alot of adventures and done alot of travelling. Can be reached at P.O. Box 2829, Scottsdale, Arizona 85252

Mr. Ed [Ed Liss]    12/02/04


It's that time again. I wanted to wish everyone the happiest of holidays.
May you and your's always enjoy good health and the love of those closest
to you. Peace and long life to all.

Andy G.    12/15/04


Hi All,
I was just thinking about the last time I spent Christmas with the bums. My 16th birthday present was an airline ticket to New York so I could hang out with the best people I have ever known. About 7 car loads of us left Tune-In to go out christmas caroling. It was snowing out and I remember being in a convertible and having so much fun singing and freezing my butt off.


Love Ya's,

Munchkin    12/19/04


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