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To post a message here, please send an email to sharynfuller@nc.rr.com or PM me on Facebook. ~Shari


Does anyone have a spare computer they can give me? Mine bit the dust last week.

Pete    3/10/21


The Jones Beach Bums Website

This website was launched as a labor of love in March of 2004, but due to the invention of Facebook several years later (and it's superior interactivity) coupled with the recent loss of it's pro bono status from the original hosting company I worked at in 2004, it has for several months now been slated to disappear.

However, even though it is not really necessary anymore, I still LOVE it. To me this website is something akin to a child. I have always felt like I gave birth to it, after which I then sculpted it with many hours (perhaps thousands) of loving attention.

So in early 2021 I decided I was not going to let it go, that I would find an inexpensive way to keep it going, for at least a little while longer. (After all, it has been written up in New York Newsday FOUR times!)

That is why it is still here, even though I warned you all that it was on the chopping block. And it will be here for the next 3 years (I got a quantity yearly discount). Worth every penny to me! I love the pictures and the messages too much to lose them.

I'm sorry the Jukebox no longer works (perhaps one day I'll figure out how to get a replacement) and that the password protected Directory page is defunct. But if anyone wants or needs to see a copy of the directory, just message me on our Facebook page and I will send it to you.

I also just realized you can't send me messages via this website any longer. I will work on that too. (Send me a message on Facebook if you would like me to post it here.)

Hoping for a 50 year reunion this summer!

Shari (aka Sharyn Friedman) Fuller
February 22, 2021


Pauline Corbett passed away earlier this morning. I will let you the wake and funeral arrangements as soon as I find out.

MITCH RICH    8/7/19


Perry it was a lot of Fun, Until the Next time around

A. Bear    8/6/19


Is there any reunion party this year?
If not, I'm your mother and I'm telling you there needs to be one!

Mama Pfeff 
Xo to all

OMG so sad Perry passed away so suddenly. He will be missed. We are all getting older. Very Sad, but the life cycle is what it is. Keep the memories alive.
Peace and Love to Perry and his family and friends.

Anonymous    6/21/19
Just read that Perry Hendricks passed away yesterday, he was a good guy. And will be missed by all who loved him. RIP Perry

Bob Beechel

Every one please keep Pauline Corbett in your thoughts. She is battling 4th stage lung and brain cancer and could use the all the support that we can give her.

MITCH RICH    5/7/19


Mike Siefert blew my mind sending me this site after I found him on Linked In. I can't believe a) we survived, b) there is a website reflecting an important but neglected few yrs of my youth, c) I missed so many reunions! Wow! Thank you Sharyn (Shari?) I remember more faces & even a few names than I expected to!

David (Dave) Lowe


I use to believe that Alley and Paul Lancaster started the Jones Beach Bums, but I have a feeling alot more people wer're involved in the formation of the origonal group. My memory needs some refreshing. I'm inviting alot of feedback. I'd like to finish this up with one profound statment that I know everyone else will connect to. After all Alley was a Bum Long before I was She dragged me to one of your parties, from that point on I was hooked. ALLEY I LOVE you, and miss you with all my soul. Each of you can express your feelings for Alley in your own unique way. I Love you guys.

HUGS + KISSES, AMY   3/16/19


You who missed the REUNION, it was a great one. Hope more show up for the 50th less then 3 years away.

Pete Ruggiero AKA PETE THE FREAK, and POPPA PETE   8/22/18


Thank you "Jungle Jim" for an amazing party.

You and Suzanne were generous hosts and your family is wonderful!
Great Food, Great Music, Great Vibes and most of all.... Great People!!

Peace and Love, Jan Perlow    8/2/18


this years reunion - will be hosted by me (jungle jim ) and will be on the same date as usual -if there's a rain date it will be the next weekend - if you forgot i live in east meadow --phone # 516-428-5991
hope to see yaull

Jim    4/22/18


I remember the game we played mostly on the beach that attracted a huge croud, "winky dink" I look back on those days with lots of fond memories. I've been living and working as a massage therapist in Bar Harbor Maine, since 2001. I Love you guys, I hope everyone's happy, hugs + kisses to all. If I'm rememboring this right Alley and Paul or as she said it "Paulie" started the "Jones Beach Bums" I know everyone loved Alley and misses her as do I. Her radient beauty and selfless personality will live on in all of our Hearts, her Loving "little sister" Amy.

Amy    4/22/18


Looking for Jones Beach lifeguard John Phillips. Was a lifeguard 1967-1987.

Barbara T.     1/6/18


Have a Great Holiday, and Best of Happy New Years, AAA, the King of New York.

A. Bear    2018

Shari I remember Nellie do not know last name, thanks for message, let her know my email address karnepete425@yahoo.com and also that I am on facebook.

Pete Ruggiero AKA PETE THE FREAK    8/7/17


I cannot believe I just clicked onto this site! OMG!! I started hanging with the beach bums when there was probably only 10 of us and for several yrs. thereafter. Anyone remember me?

Nellie    8/6/17

Summer, the sunlight screaming through the window, the lone Beach Bum Dreams of the waves of friends, brothers, and sisters, memories as the soft sand caresses the toes, the minstrels of time,flowing notes so musically by the sea

-A.Bear    7/20/17
WOW 12 days until REUNION, hope a lot of you
show up, I`m ready.

Pete Ruggiero    7/17/17


The Winter Party at Jeff's was great as always. Thank you Jeff for a spectacular time! So happy you had a chance to play music.

Good times, good friends.
Peace and Love to you all.

Jan    3/8/17


Have a Great Holiday, and an even Better Happy New Year -

A. Bear ... Just do it    12/18/16




HERE you go for photos of Jones Beach - now & then.

Does anyone know where I could find pictures of the Jones Beach Girls from the 1940-1950's?

Terri S 

Hey Scotty how are you and Claire doing up there? Have you changed your phone#? Call me if you can. Xoxox

Mama Pfeff 


The Winter Party - Saturday March 5th 7pm

Jeff    3/1/16


Uncle Scotty call me Pete (845) 279-5592 tommorow nite about 8 pm.

Pete Ruggiero    8/10/15    


Our 44th Reunion - Saturday July 25 - Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible! Come on "home" - none of us is getting any younger!

Jeff    7/19/15


Hey Janet,

Great to hear from you again! Hope to see you this summer at the reunion.

Uncle Scotty


Thinking of all the great times I had with you all. Let me know when the next reunion is? All my love to you.

Janet (Stop sign)    6/28/15

Wow Janet long time no see!!! CLICK HERE for reunion details, and PLEASE COME! Everyone will be so happy to see you! ~Shari

Just got word this week that Linda Davis has passed away in Florida. RIP Linda I hope your at peace finally.

Andy G     6/22/15

Going to jones beach 6/13 anyone want to meet me. Flagpole about 10:30.

PETE THE FREAK    5/9/15

lovin the world Bonnie one of the first field 4 Salisbury park    


Note to sender: Bonnie Klein, is this you???
Hey , I just spoke to Michael Ohlrich for the first time in about 35 years! He is alive and well living with his family in Oregon.

Frank VanBrunt    3/22/15
I just watched the video and it brought tears to my eyes. Boy we had a good time.

Randi C    3/6/15

Just watched the video, outstanding. The world was way better back then, too much stuff going on.

John Bracco    1/25/15
This was so GREAT to see! (Referring to 1971 video) I recognized a couple of peeps in there, definately Tommy Campagnolia and was Freddy Botway there? I spoke to Andrea last week, I wish she had a computer so I could send this to her. I bet she has not seen a movie of Freddy in forever, so sad. Anyway thanks so much for sharing this! It really made me pine for those days. WE ruled the world then!

Karen Wayne Easterling    1/20/15

PS - If any one wants to get in touch with Andrea have them email me, I will try to stay on top of it for 2015!!

In the name of Jones: Have a Great Holiday. Yeah even Duwani.

A. Bear




PETE    12/24/14


I am one of the bums associated with the East Meadow bunch, Salisbury park regular and plaza pizza place hangout..great memories! I have a FB tribute page I posted in 2013 in memory of my beloved John Ohlrich...you can view in my cover photos public JBBF! 

Terri *BO* Gorden    12/15/14


This'll be the days Those'll and Thens'll
Together we are free, Our different ideas, and Dreams
To Flourish and grow, Never stagnant, Together

This'll be the days Those'll and Thens'll
Andres El Oso and El Topo and Mini El Topo, and
What the El Everyone else in the name of Jone's

This'll be the days Those'll and Thens'll
An old special mixed with a new special
An old dream with a New one, and another

This'll be the days Those'll and Thens'll
Together Forever -

A. Bear   12/15/2014


You can get anything you want at ALICE`S RESTAURANT, CEPTIN ALICE.



PETE    11/27/14


Hi all.

Thanks again to Jeff for opening his home to us for our genuine "love in" for Dave Title's visit. Dave; safe home. Thank you Nan for that 1971 video. So wonderful to see it & welcome home! Love & more to Shari for giving us & nurturing this website.

Laurie Pfeffer alias mamapfeff    11/17/14



PETE    11/16/14


Wow!! What a great flash from the past, and how wonderful that people are still finding their way back. Thanks Nan for saving, keeping, and transfering Winkydink for all to see, and as always thanks to Sharyn for keeping the Bums website up and growing!!

Love & peace to all!

Laurie (aka: Grasshopper)    11/10/14


Hi Nan,

So nice to have you back with the Beach Bums again! Finally got to watch the video, and it was hysterical seeing all our friends playing Winky Dink. Those were the days. Thank you so much for sharing that with everyone!

Yours truly, Uncle Scotty    11/2/14


Hey Shari,

I am sitting here with a patient of mine showing her the site . She is in utter amazement. Between the love of everyone, the longitivity and work in this site, we are really really a lucky group. xxoo to all

Julie Barcone Finnegan    10/29/14


Hey Wazz up fellow Bums??!! I hope u guys and gals r all well and in good spirits. Just found This Page. Why it took so long??? I was reading all and suddenly Felt Like Hitchiing to The Beach. Then I Rembered I'm 16 hrs away in NC. So I Better Start Now. Good Memories 4 sure. Well Got To Wake Up And Make The Donuts If U Get My Drift! O Yea This Crazy Mess Was From Crazy But Not Insane yet Crazy Bob Alias Bob Brundage From Massapegua Pk. PS Let's All Not Forget.

Bob    10/7/14


I'm laughing my ass off looking at you all as kids. I want you all to know I love you all and I thank you for welcoming me into the clan.

Sam    10/5/14


My oldest friends, who will readily admit to being a bunch of bums, will understand why I spent my first day of my "new life" digging holes and filling them with roses. And it felt damned good.

David Marcus Title ( el Topo )    9/19/14


So glad to reconnect with Nan & hope we will see her at the 45th reunion.

I would also like to personally thank Shari for all her hard work & diligence in keeping this site going. Best Regards to all my fellow bums.

Mike Westman    9/12/14


Nan, Glad to hear from you, many people have asked about you. If you want, you can email me at karenpete425@yahoo.com. Hope all is well and if you can, our 45th REUNION IS IN 2016.

Pete Ruggiero aka Pete the freak    9/11/14

Shari, I add to other comments you deserve a grand amount of respect and gratitude for this site and the worked required to keep it going. love you.    


I agree with Donna: Shari, I appreciate you so very much! Thank you for all that you do xoxoxoxo

Anonymous    9/8/14

I don't usually post anonymous messages anymore, but will make an exception in this case. :-)


Hey Shar... Thank you for constantly updating this website!!!

Donna Malech (again:))    9/8/14

Dear Donna - thank you for saying this; it makes me very happy. :-)


Hi Nan I remember you I was from Massapequa maybe you remember me Scott Hirschfield. If so you are welcome to email me at

Scott Hirschfield ;)   9/8/14


Hi Nan! Sending you much love and good wishes!

Love, Alison (Turner) Flanagan   9/8/14


Nan! I've been looking for you for such a long time! So happy to read your post!!

Love, Barbara (Turner) Purcell    9/8/14

Hey Nan, Any way we can see that 8mm footage? I remember you and Arlene.

Frank VanBrunt    9/8/14

Hi Nan! like Donna said better late than never hope all is well with you and I too can't wait to see the film!

Debi Red    9/8/14

Hi Nan, I have been trying to get in touch with you for years. Please drop me an email at Mwestman@aol.com

Mike    9/8/14
In '76 I worked for the beach in an office at the mall. Would go out to the boardwalk during lunch and there was confrontation between the state police and the teens trying to play winky dink one day. As a result I got sent to some bosses office to explain why I was there talking to people I knew from the beach who were getting in trouble with the cops. Had to explain that growing up in Seaford I knew everyone who hung out at the beach, that it was a way of life.

I had forgotten about getting in trouble at my new beach job until just today thinking about what happened to Winky Dink. It was attracting a whole crowd of onlookers so they kept making the game move further and further away from the mall.

Janice Montoya    9/8/14
Hey Nan... better late than never!!!!... I assume the game you're talking about is winky dink!!!... I can't wait to see the film... xxoo

Donna Malech    9/8/14
My name is Nan Grodin - from Seaford. What a wonderful surprise to find this website. Arlene Shaprio (where are you Arlene?) from Wantagh was one of my closest friends. Mike Westman - I am going to upload a picture of us from my high school prom as soon as I can figure out how to do it. I have a movie of most of us from the summer of 1971 on the beach. It was on a super 8 reel (took dad's camera without telling him) until I had it transferred to a dvd a few months ago. A little grainy and of course no sound, but still watchable. Remember that game we played on the beach - sitting in a circle - girl in front of guy or vice versa? That's in the movie. My kids (24 and 21) laughed so hard when they saw it. I'll upload it. Many thanks for all the hard work that has gone into building and maintaining this website. Although I was profoundly saddened when I read the Memorials, the pictures and messages reminded me of how much fun it was to be a teenager hanging out on Jones Beach in the early 70's. (Mike, btw-lawyer, not doctor-lol)

Nan Grodin    9/7/14

Glad to join! (see directory)

Holly Grutman Xerri     8/12/14






Saturday is the first day of Summer 2014 and it's just 5 weeks until our 43rd reunion!

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Jeff    6/19/14


HELLO MY BUM FAMILY. I am pretty sure I will
be at the reunion. Hope to see a lot of people.

PTF     6/19/14


Went to see Joe Satriani in concert tonight here in Westbury. Got backstage after the show and it was really great to see him again! I gave him everyone's heartfelt greetings.

Jeff    6/7/14



YOUR BRO PTF     5/21/14


Answer for 11-3-12 PTF: Berner High School · Class of 1974 · Massapequa, NY
NinaMarie Riedel 1974 graduate of Berner High School in Massapequa, NY is on Classmates.com.

-A. Bear    4/30/14


Mark was like many of the Jones Beach Bums, a credit to Human Kind, he made his mark, and left a ever lasting Flame. I will miss my friend, and will remember the Human.

-A. Bear    2/5/14


Sad News, another beach bum has passed on.

Mark Potak passed away on 1/30/2014, at 8:12 PM EST.
RIP Mark, you will be missed    

Andy G.    1/31/14


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