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Jones Beach Bums Photo Galleries

 Main Photo Galleries:
  The Beach
  The Park
  Uniondale Hotline
  1991 Reunion (see below for more pictures)
  2001 Reunion
  2002 Reunion
  2003 Reunion
  2004 Reunion
  2005 Reunion
  2006 Reunion
  2007 Reunion
  2008 Reunion
  2009 Reunion
  2010 Reunion
  2011 Reunion
  2012 Reunion
  2013 Reunion
  2014 Reunion
  2015 Reunion
  2016 Reunion
  2017 Reunion
  2018 Reunion
  2021 Reunion
Videos: (may need to be downloaded to view)
  2001 Reunion
  2002 Reunion
  2004 Reunion
  2005 Reunion
Additional Photo Galleries:
  Robbie and Donna's party, June 5th, 2004
  Additional 1991 photos
17 pictures sent in by Beth Rosenfield
12 pictures sent in by Uncle Scotty Roth
Tommy Rackovitch Memorial Page
8 pictures sent in by Randi & Irene Crovets
  8 pictures sent in by Mike Westman
  16 more pictures sent in by Mike Westman
  childhood pictures of Fred Botway - sent in by Andrew Cohen
7 pictures sent in by Cindy Gregg Alvers
  6 pictures contributed by Debby Lorber Libolt
  6 pictures contributed by Dave Mucci
  2 pictures contributed by Lisa (Schafer) Cirenza
  27 pictures contributed by Julie Barcone
  7 pictures contributed by Pat Delaney
  6 pictures of Fred Botway contributed by Andrea Botway
  8 pictures contributed by Cheri Debarros Wilson
  15 park pictures found in Shari's parents attic
2005 Reunion photos:
  sent in by Shari and Andy Gay - 87 pictures
  sent in by Robbie Indovino - 17 pictures
  sent in by Ginger Bonner - 18 pictures
  sent in by Cindy Deitchman - 13 pictures
2006 Reunion photos:
  sumbitted by Shari - 49 pictures
submitted by Andy Gay - 41 pictures
submitted by Robbie - 10 photos
submitted by Laurie Wills - 8 photos
sent in by Debby Lorber Libolt - 10 photos
sent in by Jeff Kjellgren - 72 beach photos
                                     27 party photos
2007 Reunion photos:
sumbitted by Shari - 47 pictures of both beach and party
submitted by Jeff - 25 beach pictures
                              38 party pictures
2008 Reunion photos:
from Shari's camera - 45 pictures
sent in by Bob Berman - 25 pictures
sent in by Jeff Kjellgren- 53 pictures
sent in by Cindy (Deitchman) Drapela - 11 pictures
sent in by Lisa (Schafer) Cirenza - 2 pictures
sent in by Andy Gay - 11 pictures
2009 Reunion photos:
from Shari's camera - 54 pictures
from Paul's camera - 35 pictures
from Donna Malech's camera - 76 pictures
2010 Winter Party photos:
from Donna Malech's camera - 54 pictures
from Theresa Pepe's camera - 22 pictures
2010 Reunion photos:
from Shari's camera - 32 pictures
from Andy Gay's camera - 20 pictures
from Paul's camera - 7 pictures
2011 Reunion photos:
2012 Reunion photos:
2013 Reunion photos:
2014 Reunion photos:
  Jeff's Winter Party
  Summer Reunion
  Dave Title comes home!
2015 Reunion photos:
  Summer Reunion
All photos are now on Facebook, many with tags!
The pictures on the photogallery pages of this website
were contributed by:

Shari (Friedman) Fuller
Robbie Indovino
Joanne (Isaacs) Lancaster
Debby (Lorber - AKA "Munchkin") Libolt
Jungle Jim Bonczek
Beth Rosenfield
Scott Roth (aka "Uncle Scotty")
Dari Kowal
Randi & Irene Crovets
Mike Westman
Andrew Cohen
Ginger Bonner
Andy Gay
Cindy Gregg Alvers
Dave Mucci (aka "Big Bird")
Laurie Wills
Jeff Curtis Kjellgren
Cindy (Deitchman) Drapela
Perry Hendricks
Bob Berman
Lisa (Schafer) Cirenza
Julie Barcone
Pat Delaney
Andrea Botway
Donna Malech
Theresa Pepe
Cheri DeBarros Wilson

If you have photos or videos you'd like to see on this website,
please contact Shari (Sharyn) Fuller on Facebook

Photo galleries of old pictures
  the Beach
  the Park
Reunion pictures and videos
  1991 (the Big One)
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