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Shari's yearbook shot
The well-organized '91 reunion was such a high experience
Shari Friedman's high school pic (1974)
Shari (Friedman) Fuller at the 1991 Reunion
Shari's son is now married to a wonderful girl!
Shari and her family - Andy (here 26), Tracey (here 22), & Larry Fuller in 2008
Shari's whole family including new baby grandson Ruben! 8/1/15

Donna at a festival in the 70's
Robbie's high school pic
Donna Liguori 1979
Robbie Indovino 1974
Donna & Robbie were high school sweethearts
still smokin' after all these years!
Donna Liguori and Robbie Indovino in the 70's
Donna Indovino, still smokin'!
Robbie & Donna & their daughters
The Indovino family - Donna, Shaina, Dani & Robbie

Joanne took photography in high school, and provided a  lot of the pictures for this website
Ronnie - originally from Uniondale - at a party
Joanne Issacs in 1972
Ronnie Lancaster in 1972
Ronnie & Joanne were high school sweethearts also
The Lancaster family today!
Ronnie and Joanne in 1972, Uniondale Hotline
Joanne, Ronnie and Jenny Lancaster, 2005
Ronnie Lancaster w/ his two daughters, Michelle and Jenny, and two grandchildren
Ronnie, Jenny and Joanne Lancaster

Paul , one of our leaders, at the park
Rosey met Paul in the mid-70's
Paul Lancaster in the 70's
Rosey back then too
Paul & Rosey and their two daughters
The Lancaster family - Sky, Marlena, Rosemary & Paul

Perry at a party in Plainview
Dotty & Perry
Perry Hendricks in 1972
Dotty and Perry Hendricks
Perry  is proud of his  granddaughter!
Perry, Shannon, and his son
Perry & grandbaby Shannon
Three generation of Hendricks

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