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Jones Beach Bums Then and Now

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Scott  - also one of our leaders - at a party in his honor
Scott & his daughter
"Uncle" Scotty Roth in the 70's
Scott & Ilana at the 1991 Reunion
Scott and his son
Scott & his beautiful family
Josh & Scott at the 1991 Reunion
Ilana (17), Josh (21), Claire & Scott Roth in 2004
Jack Samuel Schaeffer born 10/2/15 - Uncle Scotty's new grandson!

Debbie Red in 1972
Debbie in a familiar pose!
Debbie "Red" Amirante
Debbie on the way to the Park
Debbie and her husband Michael
Debbie hasn't changed too much!
Michael and Debbie Salino
Debbie Salino 2005

Gigi back in the mid 70's at a party
Gigi helps organize our reunions!
Gigi Virginia Farley back in the 70's
Virginia Farley much more recently

Jeff in front of the band shell at Salisbury Park
Jeff hosts our yearly night parties, and they are so much fun!
Jeff Curtis Kjellgren at the park 1972
Jeff at his party in 2006

Jim & Pete foolin' around in the 70's
Jim & Pete lately
"Jungle" Jim and Pete "the Freak"
Jim and Pete at the 2002 Reunion

Bobby in 1972
Bobby  is a talented photography these days
Bobby Beechel in 1972
Bob at the 2005 Reunion

Laurie on a spring day at the Park
Laurie at a party
"Mama" Laurie Pfeffer in 1972
Laurie in 1974
Steve & Laurie
Laurie just keeps getting more beautiful!
Steve and Laurie Berrill in 2002
Laurie at the 2009 Reunion

Alley hanging out at Uniondale Hotline
Alley at a party
Alley "Cat" Rosen in 1972
Alley in 1975
Alley was a part of the '91  reuinion
Alley at Jeff's party in Westbury
Alley at the 1991 Reunion
Alley at the 2008 Reunion

Mitch's nickname was "Mini-Mole" because he, like Dave Title, loved to dig holes at the beach, but he was shorter than Dave (and probably still is)
Mitch and his wife came to the  big reunion
"Mini-Mole" Mitch Appel
Mitch in 1991
this picture was taken on Shari's  deck in  Raleigh
Mitch hosted a great night party in 2005
Mitch, daughter Caitlyn and wife Patty in 2005
Mitch in 2006

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