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Dave Mucci, also affectionately known as "Big Bird"
What a  happy surrpise it was to see Dave that day! We were so excited. And he brought some GREAT pics.
Dave Mucci (aka "Big Bird")
at the park in the 70's
Dave Mucci at the 2006 reunion

Valley Stream High, Class of '73
John Hanc has written a book on the history of Jones Beach, and has written an article for Newsday that includes us and this site -  see NEWS page for link.
John Hanc in 1977
John Hanc 30 years later, made an honorary "Jones Beach Bum" for his book on the history of Jones Beach and an article including us! Click here to read...

Mike in  his college dorm room
Mike and his beautiful family!
Michael Seifert in 1972 dorm room
Rachel (10) Michael, Cheryl, Alana (7) Sadi the pup

A little blurry, but we ALL remember Howie!
Howie practices law in Florida today.
Howie Weinstein in the 70's
Howie much more recently

Mike at the park in 1973
Mke in the disco days
Mike is a New Englander now!
Mike Verow in 1973
Mike not long after
Mike more recently

Al first learning to play guitar
See Al's band on the News Page!
Al Koch at 16
Al Koch in 2007 at 50

Danny Calvagna in 1971
Danny with Joe Satriani in 1990
Danny these days...
Danny Calvagna in 1971
Danny and Joe in 1990
Danny more recently

Enid was from East Meadow
Enid's first reunion, and she brought her beautiful daughter Emily!
Enid Pessah at the park
Enid at 2007 reunion with her daughter Emily

Mickey is Janet (Stop Sign) Wolk's brother
Mickey and one of his beautiful daughters
Michael Wolk in 1972
Mickey with his daughter Kimi recently
Mickey and his whole family!
Mickey and his daughter Jacquie, wife Pam and daughter Kimi

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