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Debby Munchkin in the early 70's
Debby came from afar to see us all!
Debby Munchkin (w/ John O) at the park
Debby with her son at the 2006 reunion

Mark at "Salisbury" park
Mark is still involved with music
Mark Kross in the park c. 1972
Mark on the gig in '05
still exuberant after all these years!
In the studio in '07, demonstrating how not to play the guitar.

Bob at the park hanging out
Bob saw the latest article and happily reunited with us!
Bob Berman mid '70's
Bob at 2008 night party

Andy's nickname was "Bear" because of his great hugs
We hadn't seen Andy since 1991
Andy (Bear) Feinstein in 1973
Andy at the 2008 Beach reunion

Lisa and John were an item back in the day - much to many a guy's dismay!
Lisa was at the '91 reunion, and re-discovered us from the 2008 article by John Hanc.
Lisa Schaefer 1972 in Uniondale (w/ John)
Lisa at the 2008 Night Party

Ira at a party back in the day
Ira shares his musical talents with us at every night reunion!
Ira Weiss in the early 70's
Ira in 2008

Pat hanging out at the beach
Pat now lives in California
Pat Delaney at the beach in the 70's
Pat at Jones Beach again in 2004


Julie hanging out at the Park
the reunion was a big success!
Julie Barcone at the park in the 70's
Julie at the 2009 reunion, with Paul
Pat is now a photographer!
Julie visiting Pat in California
Pat on vacation in New Zealand 2004
Julie & Pat are close friends to this day!

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