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Scot's free spirit and artistic talent was legendary back in the day
It was so exciting to see Scot after more than 30 years!
Scot Weiss is STILL an incredible artist!
The 2009 reunion was the first one Scot came to, and everyone was thrilled to see him!

Scott was from Wantagh and graduated in '73
As you can see Scott is still playing guitar!
Scott Berkowitz at the park
A recent photo of Scott that was in Money Magazine!

Scott describes Deb as "the love of my life"!
Scott with Deb Sanger at Lake George

See this entire picture on the "Parties" photogallery.....it's picture #2
Larry had to clean up for a band picture
Larry now looks quite the professional!
Larry Weiss back in the day
a show-band picture
c. 1973
Larry Weiss now

Fred hanging out by Field 4
Fred Bailey has been living in San Francisco since 1978
Fred Bailey at the beach (with Ginger)
Fred Bailey now

Cheri was known for her wild enthusiasm!
Cheri is married  to Scott and has three children
Cheri De Barros in 1974
Cheri and Scott Wilson
Devon and Beatrice now have a two month old  daughter named Deliliah!
Cheri at the wedding of her son Devin to Beatrice
Cheri and all her children and grandchildren
Derek, Cheri, Delilah, Beatrice (daughter-in-law), Devin, Dallen and Alisha
(pregnant with Mackynzi)

Jean when she was wild and crazy at the beach
Jean is now a nurse with 3 children, and a daughter is  getting married soon!
Jean (Laguzzi) Osuch by Field 4
Jean at the 2009 Reunion

Linda back in the 70's
A recent picture of Linda
Linda Davis back in the 70's
Linda came to our 2009 Reunion/Benefit!

Amy was at Joanne's sweet 16th birthday party
Amy now lives in New England
Amy Rosen back in the 70's
Amy at the 2005 night party

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