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Joe when he was a member of "Tarsus", and they played at the Festival of life, Middle Earth, Y.O.M., a bunch of parties, the Levittown library, and hundreds of bums would show up .
Joe is now considered by most people to be the BEST guitarist in the WORLD!
Dave Mucci and Joe Satriani c. 1973
Joe in 2005
Did you know Joe has been nominated for 13 Grammy awards?!?  He sure has come a long way since Tarsus...
Joe Satriani - Oct. 25, 2008 - on stage at the Carolina Theatre in Durham, NC

Ed hanging at the park 1971 or 1972
Ed joined a cirus, and now lives out west
Ed Liss at the park in 1972
Ed in 2005

Cindy in the 70's
Cindy in 2005
Cindy Deitchman back in the 70's
Cindy (Deitchman) Drapala 2005
Christina &  Jeff reside in California
Sandra & Adam reside in Florida
Cindy's daughter Christina and husband Jeff
Cindy's daughter Sandra w/ husband Adam

Cindy's first grandchild! Haley, age 5 weeks.

Cindy's second grandchild Dylan
Cindy and Mickey sure have adorable grandkids!

All four of Cindy and Mickey's grandchildren

Alice-Mary, then
Alice-Mary played guitar also!
Alice-Mary back in the 70's
Alice-Mary at the park
Alice on a special day
Alice w/ her 3 sons at her daughter's wedding!

Laurie relaxing in a hall at Plainview High School
Laurie at "boot camp"
Laurie Wills in high school
Laurie Wills today

Irene hangin at the park in the early 70's
Irene at Mitch's 2005 party
Irene Crovets at the park
Irene (Crovets) Prager in 2005

Cindy's high school pic
Cindy in 1986
Cindy Gregg's grad shot
Cindy and friend in 1986
Cindy's daughter Danielle and her boyfriend
Cindy, Michael and a friend
Cindy's daughter Danielle
Cindy and Michael Alvers (& friend) today

Fran Barone at the park
Fran and her dog today
Fran Barone at the park
Fran today

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