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Bobby and his brother Dave were beloved by all
Bobby 's daughter is a talented and successful athlete!
Bobby Vanderhall in 1972
Bobby, Melissa & Lynn Vanderhall at 2004 reunion

Alan was nicknamed Leo because of his leonine looks!
Alan is now a very successful stockbroker
Alan (Leo) Cohn in 1971
Alan Cohn in 2004

Scott & Alan were great friends in the  70's
Scott & Alan will always be friends!
Scotty and Alan Cohn in 1977
Scotty and Alan at 1991 reunion

a young Dennis learning to play guitar at the Park
Dennis worked hard and  became   an amazing guitarist!
Dennis Corbet in 1973
Dennis in 2004

Andy  always entertained us with great guitar playing
Andy enjoyed the Big Reunion also
Andy Gay in 1973
Andy at 1991 reunion
still buddies after all these years
recent shot of Andy Gay
Andy and Paul Lancaster in 2006
Andy Gay now

Beth at a party in Plainview
Beth at a waterfront restaurant
Beth Rosenfield in 1972
Beth much more recently

Donna graduated from Plainview-Kennedy
Donna now lives in NYC
Donna Malech in 1974
Donna more recently

a collage of Jan, who is an amazing artist in addition to musician!
Janet Perlow - aka "Guitar Lady"
Wow, nice pic!
Jan is one of our very talented musicians!
Jan in 1982
Jan more recently

Mike in the early days
Mike and his son Corey, you can sure see the resemblence!
Mike Westman in 1972
Mike with his 17-year-old son Corey, 2007
Mike and Bonnie
Mike and Bonnie at a wedding 2013
Mike's 3 year old granddaughter Dannikah!
Corey and Dannikah

Carol hanging with the Bums at the park
Carol now lives in California
Carol Ercolano at the park
Carol in 2005

Peter hanging in the park
Peter in 2007
Peter Maher in 1972
Peter in 2007

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